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Sell ​​Fire Safety

PD. Dian Karya Jual Fire Safety refers to the planning and design of infrastructure that aims to reduce the risk of fire or inhibit the spread of fire when a fire occurs. We sell Fire Safety which includes the use of fireproof building materials, preventive measures, safe work practices, fire safety training, fire resistant protective clothing, and more.

Fire Safety includes:
- Ensure compliance with local building codes
- Ensure that the fire code (there are, stairs, signs and signage etc.) is followed
- Compliance with the electrical security code
- Fire risk assessment when a building, equipment, or process is modified
- Proper storage of combustible and hazardous materials
- Installation of fire detection and automatic or semi-automatic fire alarm systems
- Arrangement of the correct type of fire extinguisher and operational hydrant
- Train fire extinguisher users, fire alarms, emergency evacuations and assembly procedures
- Perform fire drills regularly in coordination with the local fire department

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