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Flame Detector Type AH-0014
Flame Detector Type AH-0014
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Specification of Flame Detector Type AH-0014

Flame Detector Type AH-0014


The detector has a wide angle sensitivity are trusted and can quickly detect the ultraviolet radiation emitted by the fire. This will not react to the illumination of the room, infrared or other light source that are not associated with a real fire.

installation instructions

> Install in places free of obstruction.
Avoid installing near lamps halogen lamps and mercury lamps sterilization.
Avoid installing in a sensitive range of welding sparks and radiation.


Places with high ceilings: a theater, gym, storage, Gallery or warehouses, etc.
The place where the fire broke out easily: the place of storing goods that are flammable, GAS STATIONS, places with factory work, engine room

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