Module Series QA17-K
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Specification of

Fire Alarm

Module Series QA17-K


Low power consumption in a monitoring mode, high stability.
Easy installation, either single or multiple module installation modules installed on the mounting bar. Implant type box gang are available according to the design decoration.
This module is designed with input and output that is separatedh contacts to reduce the difficulty of moving an external cable.
QA17-B control module is designed to control the input output & for all types of systems. (fire alarm, sprinkler, smoke evacuation, foam, serpentine door ... etc.)
Module output QA17-A can be directly connected to the power source. The voltage output of the N.O. N.C. & will equal to the input voltage.
QA17 Monitor-module K is designed to monitor the condition of security, such as the provision of water, pomp

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